Bitcoin $390 … $385 … $380 … $375 …


What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin? All I wanted was pizza, but Bree Essrig wanted more info on cryptocurrency, so my Google Spiders have to go to work.

Bitcoin is a distributed peer-to-peer payment system AND a currency, AND somehow has nothing to do with Iggy Azalea featuring Charlie XCX, which Bree respectively finds to be amazing, ingenious, and hard-to-understand.


First Bitcoin ATM machine comes to San Diego

"If you live in America, you’re an immigrant."

"If you live in America, you’re an immigrant."

colorado-style … seriously?

You followed us for at chance @ .38 USD then bailed when you didn’t win?

That’s not very shibetastic. =b

[COMPLETED] 1,500 DOGE to the 1500th follower.

(we’re at 1498 1499)

very follow. much congrats. wow.

coolarganthonius send us your DOGE address.

such send. very transaction. wow.

Transaction ID: 6fa4a133dfa820587d327a2e0069f7334b8bab9d9c8a362cf2df1f98bad3351f


Summary of why downward pressure is overwhelming

"Gee, I wonder why LTC and FTC are skyrocketing as BTC dives?"

If you want to play this game, know where to hide when TSHTF.