Bitcoin and the NY Bitlicence proposed regulations

Thoughts on Ben Lawsky and his proposed Bitcoin ban.

Ben Lawsky of the New York Department of Financial Services NYDFS has proposed some very onerous and extreme regulations surrounding Bitcoin which amount to essentially a ban on ideas, technology, innovation and jobs in one of the hottest and fastest growing sectors of investment.

It is key to be honest about these proposed laws and regulations and ask what the moral authority and even legal authority of Ben Lawsky is in this new area.

Lawsky is unelected and has no mandate to overstep in this manner. 

About 8 minutes in everyone finally quiets down and you can hear Bruce a little better. For higher quality audio, with just about the same content click here for his Chicago speech.


Bitcoin’s Future w/ Bryce Weiner, from Blockchain Technology Group

Bryce Weiner ( joins us to talk the latest Bitcoin and alt crypto news. Bryce is Director of Cryptoeconomy Engineering at Blocktech. Please tip the show using Bitcoin to keep us commercial-free and focused.

Hyper’s Moment, Nautiluscoin Goes Blocktech, And More Alt News

The alt market is an absolutely fascinating place and I’d never leave. Speaking of which, I’ve noticed a few great alt coins dealing with even more trolls lately (Bitcointalk in particular seems to spawn them ad infinitum, “Halo” style). The sad, final death spasms of broke idiots who want our species to be tethered to fiat forever don’t exactly give me (or any other user) a reason to exit the alt market. Massive profit, evidently, does tend to outweigh the inconvenience of blocking trolls. And do keep trolling, kids, but make sure you take breaks from time to time so the adults can actually get a little work done. Don’t want to wear yourselves out all at once — trolls are supposed to be the Internet’s carefree cloaked malevolents, not desperate little starry-eyed things set on their cult-like instamined coin going to the Moon while all other currencies in the universe burn to the ground.

Building a Bitcoin Economy: How to Close the Loop

Learn how to promote Bitcoin adoption from an expert in the field! Part 2 of a how-to series.

If you or someone in the area has been preaching crypto for a while, you probably have a few nearby businesses accepting Bitcoin by now. This is an important first step, and worthy of celebration over a few Bitcoin beers. Bitcoin evangelism never sleeps, however, so it’s time to grow the seeds you’ve sown into a sustainable Bitcoin economy. But before you get started, heed what I’ve learned from my latest efforts.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Dell's Impact on Bitcoin Price


Russia offers over $100,000 to de-anonymize Tor

The never-ending race to break Tor just got a little more competition.

The Russian federal government is now offering roughly $111,000 (or 3.9 million roubles) to researchers who explore ways to de-anonymize and learn technical details about all Tor users. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) is accepting proposals until August at their Moscow office.


Why blurring sensitive information is a bad idea

Undoubtedly you have all seen photographs of people on TV and online who have been blurred to hide faces. For the most part this is all fine with peoples’ faces as there isn’t a convenient way to reverse the blur back into a photo so detailed that you can recognise the photo. So that’s good if that is what you intended. However, many people also resort to blurring sensitive numbers and text. I’ll illustrate why that is a BAD idea.

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