There’s always a good bit of controversy surrounding which altcoins are premium players and which ones are also-rans.

NXT still suffers from a good bit of criticism. Despite that, anyone who is being critical has to notice that from a development and capitalization standpoint, NXT is starting to leave many of its’ direct competitors in the dust.

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When a blog post from May has it’s first reblog in September

When a blog post from May has it’s first reblog in September

There will be born to the cypherpunks a currency that is unbacked yet will retain value, that will crash again and bubble again. And when it hypermonetizes, it will hold in its blockchain the destruction of the world … or its salvation.

- Justus Ranvier

Peercoin Price Rockets Up Ahead Of NuBits Release

Peercoin developer Jordan Lee today announced the release date of their much-awaited platform NuBits. As confirmed, the Peershares implementation project will go live on September 23rd at 1400 UTC. As a result, the Peercoin market graph has seen some really anti-gravitational results as well.

Introducing the Xmixer: Earn Revenue with XCurrency’s Trustless Mixing

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange May have Saved Bitcoin

Fantasy sports has always seemed like a promising area for Bitcoin acceptance. An industry dependent on online payments with over US$1 billion bet in the U.S. each year on fantasy football alone, much of it pooled in leagues stretching across the nation, fantasy sports would benefit greatly from the ability to send money without being subject to PayPal fees or worries about credit card fraud. However despite these advantages, fantasy football with Bitcoin seemed to be limited to a custom BitcoinTalk league with escrow services provided by NitrogenSports.


Nxttycoin | A Coins Source Review

Disclosure : We are invested in NXTTY and a few other jl777 offerings.