yPool - worlds first Primecoin mining pool

So, I’m trying out yPool. I will update this post as the days/weeks go by. Research the pool yourself before jumping in, there are skeptics.

After my research I was willing to give it a shot. So far so good. Shares are registering with the site. No malware issues. Seeing 6000+ 10,500 primes/s.

Update 1 : Here’s how yPool calculates payments.

Your share value / total share value * block reward (-3% fee) = Your payout per round.

Share value = pow(8, round(submitted share difficulty,0) -7)

Update 2 (7/28/13) : After 12 hours of mining I can honestly say using yPool is a last resort for the truly desperate that want to get their hands on some Primecoin without buying it. I managed a whopping 0.2 XPM after 12 hours.

Which means, for most, you’re better off solo mining as long as you can find a block every 30 days (you will).

Update 3 (7/29/13) : Today yPool updated their algorithm!

I’m seeing 2 XPM/day results on an old i7 860 @ 3.22 on Win7/64/8GB using mumu’s miner from 7/29.

It is now becoming feasible. The new algo is running like a PPLNS (sort of) by awarding those who mine longer (40 blocks carry over). You will notice a (5x-10x for me) increase in daily payout as long as you continue mining.

This new setup is also supposed to benefit older CPU’s.

Update 4 (7/31/13) : I tried out the sievepercentage setting (-d) with mumu’s latest (at the time of this post) miner and with my setup (see above) I found it best not to change from the default setting. You may see higher 6ch/h 7ch/h values, which is good. But I saw much fewer shares and round values were much less than the default or lower than default settings. Lower than default sievepercentage was also worse than default.

Update 5 (8/1/13) : I’m still averaging a little over 2 XPM per day, however mumus just released v5 of his miner and I'm seeing a huge improvement with v5 over v4! Lots of 6ch/7ch shares. It’s well worth the restart on yPool to update to v5.

v4 Stats after 20+ hours …

SPH: 110.86 - Val/h 10.2879 - 4ch/h: 7717 - 5ch/h: 748 - 6ch/h: 71.14 - 7ch/h: 6.38 - PPS: 25507

Note : No payout yet due to high confirms. I hope to report my first payout soon. Balance 0.321301 XPM (Confirmed).

Update 6 (8/2/13) : I just received my first payout! It was roughly 1/4th of my earnings including unconfirmed payouts. So if that’s any indicator you may have 3/4 of your earnings in unconfirmed status at most times.

v5 Stats after 15 hours …

—— Total/Valid shares: [ 421 / 427 ]  -  Max diff: 8.48245
—— 6-chain count: 386  -  6ch/h: 25.064 - Share Value: 38.600
—— 7-chain count: 39  -  7ch/h: 2.532 - Share Value: 39.000
—— 8-chain count: 2  -  8ch/h: 0.130 - Share Value: 20.000
—— 9-chain count: 0  -  9ch/h: 0.000 - Share Value: 0.000

Due to an error in the v4 stats calculation, which was corrected in v5, these #’s are hard to compare, if you can at all.

After using v5 for awhile I went back to v4 with new settings (see below) and am having much better success.


Tip (v3 only) : Higher sievesizes yields higher share value per round. You may think those high PPS results on lower sievesizes are kicking ass .0015 at a time, but try increasing up to 8M, 10M (experiment) and see if you notice you’re now receiving a lot more .1 and 1.0 shares.

It’s well worth the time to experiment with your settings over a 1-12 hour period to find your rigs proper tuning. Remember, you want the highest difficulty shares, you want 6ch/7ch shares, not a bunch of 4ch/5ch shares. That being said, whatever makes you the most XPM per day is the way to go.

Tip (v4 only)v4 changes everything. So far, the default setting for sievesize works best for me, I’m playing with sievepercentage currently. “-d 10” was the best option for my rig.

(8/3/13) v4 Alternate settings for new difficulty …

-s 2500000 -d 16 -t 7

Tip (v5 only) : The default setting work pretty good for most. I found the following settings yielded more 6ch/7ch/h.

-s 2400000 -d 12 -t 7

The -t 7 is not necessary and simply limits my 4 core cpu to 7 threads. This allows me to GPU mine another coin as well. I include it simply so that you know the exact settings I used to yield my results. You may (probably) will see better results leaving -t out of your batch file.


If you’re lazy, have a really crappy computer and a Bitcoin laying around (that you can earn back), check out maco’s service which offers a hands-free mining option for yPool.

He has a special on right now.

Note : Upon further research, the service maco is offering is only feasible (at this time) if you have no other options. As you can see above, I’m hitting over 10K PPS on a single i7 860 @ 3.22 using yPool’s miner.

Reportedly you can also DIY for 4x cheaper w/a DigitalOcean droplet (if you know how). maco is offering free time and possibly allowing solo mining in the near future as well as PPS improvements.

Disclaimer: We have no clue what we're doing. Any sane person would tell you to not take this as investment advice, but to instead research it on your own. The information provided could be inaccurate, incomplete or pulled from our asses for teh lulz. Advertised sites are not endorsed by TuckFheman.com (they may give you an STD simply by clicking them for all we know) plus they may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction.

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